Mary Lee
Autres familles
The famous Barbie

Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92 6*  Holstein Canada
Nom. All-American Junior 3-Yr-Old 2004
2-06 365 14,374 kg 3.9% 3.3%
MLPI +1608
Dams: EX-92, EX, EX-91 2E, EX, VG-86
Toystory daughter of the famous Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92

Regancrest TS Benshae VG-88 2Yr 10*  Holstein Canada
2-05 11,935 kg 4.5% 3.5% (290-357-318)
Owned with Ferme Blondin
Shottle granddaughter of Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92

Regancrest S Celebrity-ET EX-94 2E 23*  Holstein Canada
06-10 18,276 4,2% 3,4% (289-342-290)
3 Superior Lactations
Dams: Cinderella EX-92 2E, PR Barbie EX-92 6*, EX-92, EX, EX-91 2E, EX, VG-86
Owned with Ferme Blondin
Daughter of Benshae

Mystique Beacon Barb EX-93  Holstein Canada
Owned by Ferme Arolene
Daughter of Celebrity

Mystique Ladd P Cathy VG-86  Holstein Canada
Daughter of Celebrity

Mystique Dempsey Cash VG-88  Holstein Canada
3-08 P. 15,167 kg 4.3% 3.7% (310-354-362)
Benshae's daughter

Blondin Goldwyn Bordeau VG-88 2Yr  Holstein Canada
2-00 365 11,807 kg 4.9% 3.9% (252-330-298)
2nd Sr. 2-Yr-Old Maxville Spring 2013
Owned with Ferme Blondin
Remington daughter of Celebrity

Breeze Hill R Charm EX 2E 5*  Holstein Canada
5-06 10,068 kg 4.6% 3.9% (202-248-243)
Owned with Ferme Blondin
Celebrity's daughter x Goldwyn

Blondin Goldwyn Chanel EX (MS:93)  Holstein Canada
3-09 15,007 kg 4.4% 3.5% (275-321-299)
2 Superior Lactation
Owned by Ferme Fortale
Mascalese daugther from Celebrity

Mystique Mascalese Castille GP-83 2Yr  Holstein Canada
Owned with Ferme Blondin
Chanel's daughter x Man O Man

Mystique Man O Man Cher EX-92  Holstein Canada
2-01 11,202 kg 3,9% 3,3% (282-295-291)
9 generations VG or EX from the Barbie family
Owned with Ferme Blondin
Daughter of Cher x Doorman

Mystique Doorman Cherry EX-91  Holstein Canada
Daugther of Super Caesar x Cashmoney

Mystique Cashmoney Cassy VG-87  Holstein Canada
Owned with Ferme Blondin
Celebrity's daughter x Superstition

Blondin Super Caesar EX 2E  Holstein Canada
3-08 365 15,433 kg 3.9% 3.5% (285-298-308)
2 Superior Lactations
9th gen. VG or EX
Daughter of Celebrity x Sanchez

Mystique Sanchez Cleo EX 2E  Holstein Canada
3-06 13,283 kg 3.7% 3.3% (293-287-293)
Dam: Regancrest S Celebrity EX-94
Owned with Ferme Blondin